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Earn an additional 50% of the bounty by watching 10 videos daily.
You have to watch the videos before taking the surveys to receive the bonus.

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Your opinions count, and get paid to share them! See some of the surveys available for you below.

NOTE: Due to high demand, sometimes a survey will have reached the maximum number of respondents and will not accept any more responses. In this case, just come back to this page and try another one.

ONLY NEW SURVEYS: In order to show new survey opportunities faster, we do not filter based on qualifications and/or quotas.

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You will receive 0.5 OPTin immediately for each badge that you complete.

Completed Badges

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Survey Tips

  1. Surveys can only be completed once per user, regardless of website. EarnHoney pays the highest amounts, so try us first.
  2. Brands are looking for the perfect panelist, so please be patient. We will pay you 1 OPTin per attempt up to 5 OPTin per day.
  3. Complete your badges so you receive more relevant surveys.
  4. Refresh this page often. Easy surveys, like easy money, are taken very quickly.
  5. Check your email for hot new surveys.

Survey Rules

  1. Be honest and consistent in your answers.
  2. Do not speed, else you might get disqualified.
  3. Surveys are created by brands and advertisers. EarnHoney does not condone or influence any content or actions/disqualifications of these surveys.