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Updated: April 29, 2015

How do I contact EarnHoney customer support?

Submit a request on support.earnhoney.com

Social Media Settings in EarnHoney account

You can connect your EarnHoney account with a handful of social media services in order to automatically share specific EarnHoney events (Wins, Rewards redeemed, etc.) with your community. These “shares” come with your referral link included, meaning that it could be a potential source of referrals for you. Once you connect a social network, you can control which individual events trigger a share. Be aware that with Facebook, you are limited to four auto-posts total each day, and only one for any given activity. You can manually share things on Facebook as many times as you want.

How does this site work?

EarnHoney.com operates a rewards network which offers multiple ways to earn virtual currency called HoneyDollar$. Earn at your own pace and then redeem your HoneyDollar$ for free reward items in the Gifts Store. There are many other ways to win HoneyDollar$ as well – just visit our Winning Tips page to learn how.

Who is eligible to use www.EarnHoney.com?

EarnHoney is available to visitors from the United States only. We are working on increasing advertising partners in Canada and United Kingdom so we are accepting users from these two countries. As we increase our partners, we will open new markets.

Can I transfer HoneyDollar$ to a friend?

At this time, the option to transfer HoneyDollar$ to another account is not available.

Can I redeem my HoneyDollar$ for cash?

At this time, we do not offer a direct exchange of your HoneyDollar$ for cash.

A guide to the Do’s & Don’ts of EarnHoney!

Have fun earning gifts and prizes
Feel free to tell your friends, and make more money
Share your winnings with the rest of the EarnHoney community
Be truthful and careful when filling out surveys. People are counting on you

Speed through surveys
Use any bot or programs on the site

Embed promote banners on your web pages, blogs, and social network
Send email invitations to your friends, family and associates through our Invite A Friend link
Create a memorable username to make your referral link easy to use
Use the Share button every time you win HoneyDollar$ to post referral links
Embed the HoneyDollar$ widget in highly trafficked websites and profile pages
Place your referral link in your email signatures
Participate in online communities/forums where people may be interested in HoneyDollar$
Create a video that explains HoneyDollar$ and features your referral link

Send referral emails to strangers
Post referral links or bulletin board code on websites that prohibit them
Promise to give rewards to your “friends” in exchange for signing up under you
Create a video that makes false promises about HoneyDollar$ rewards
Repost another users video as your own
Promote web pages other than EarnHoney.com on EarnHoney’ Facebook wall or any commenting area on EarnHoney.com
Post, Share or distribute any video that promotes HoneyDollar$ cheats (which are all fake and info phishing scams anyhow)

Share HoneyDollar$ related content, links, or ideas on our Facebook wall and discussion boards
Submit polls, unboxing videos, and prize photos to share with EarnHoney Community

Submit inappropriate or offensive photos, ideas, and videos
Engage in profane or hateful speech with other users, or EarnHoney customer service
Post referral links on our social media pages
Don’t create multiple EarnHoney accounts for one user
On HoneyTV do not use any auto refresh add-ons or auto-watchers
Cheat on EarnHoney Games
Spam the EarnHoney FB wall / Bully other users
Spam the Rewards Store comments

* All actions in the “Don’ts” section are grounds for deactivation